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High Marks for Selected Poems by Brenda Elizabeth Rose

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Brenda RoseYou will love this wonderful read ~ Selected Poems (1st Edition) by Brenda Elizabeth Rose is a handful of enchanting and poignant poems, 45 in all.  Each describes a certain theme – life, loss, God’s gift, love, hope, faith, admiration of nature or friends, originating from a long life by Miss Rose who has chosen to write out her legacy and thoughts in these short poems.

Readers will find her poems thoughtful, reminiscent and beautiful.  One can inspire, one poem can change your mind or just lift you up for the day – many speak of God, His love and nature.  Eloquently laid out, this culmination of poems is done in style with handwriting and makes an excellent gift or coffee table book.

Recommended for easy reading and daily devotional time, this book of selected poems offers grace and light to each day.  You will be refreshed and thoroughly blessed.

Title: Selected Poems
By: Brenda Elizabeth Rose
Review Date: October 21, 2014
A CBM Book Review
9.8 out of 10.0 stars


CBM Book Review – She Does Not Fear the Snow

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Bobbie ColeA Highly Recommended Read !!! ~ 9.9 out 10.0 stars.

She Does Not Fear the Snow by Christian author Bobbie Ann Cole is a story of true love through much tragedy.

This is her own journey through much travail, enduring breast cancer, surgery and breast reconstruction with many complications that led to the heartbreak of a failed marriage of long standing.  Throughout, Bobbie Cole writes with an openness of heart, offering some humor that is refreshing, keeping the reader engaged every step of the way.  Offering hope to the many who believe that God is distant and not involved in our everyday lives, Bobbie describes her encounters with God that changed her life forever.  This is a story worth reading that gives hope to the broken and offers inspiration to those who are on their own faith journey to healing in Jesus Christ.

Each chapter builds into a beautiful love story as the author writes of her travels to Israel, revealing the love that God has for His children, especially during times of sickness, lack and heartbreak.  Inspiring and insightful, women will find this Ruth-type redemption a fascinating read.  For this woman of Jewish descent, her story is still unfolding, but she will never forget how she was once one in despair.  Her hope in God grew as He led her down a new path for her life with the love of her life – her new husband, Butch.

Presenting a theme of reconciliation and restoration this beautiful story is one of hope – hope for healing, hope for a new life through Jesus Christ.  This is an astonishing testimony, and comes highly recommended for those going through breast cancer or who have been divorced.

She Does Not Fear the Snow is available at Amazon in print, in Kindle versions and at North American book stores.

What would He say? Now you can ask Jesus by simply turning a page with this beautiful book

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Come and hear the words of Christ, as written within the scriptures: The Seven Messages have been arranged in order by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These messages contain over 500 Bible verses spoken directly by Jesus as recorded in the red-letter edition of the NKJV Bible, organized by subject.  Each message will strengthen you and guide you to a most peaceful life in Christ. This special, one of a kind devotional book has 170 pages in stunning full color, beautifully illustrated with LARGE easy to read text with the words of Jesus printed in red.  Imagine walking along the beach with Jesus and being able to ask Him a personal question.

A Beautiful Full Color Devotional – What Would Jesus SayThe Seven Messages from the Master by Rev. Terry Allan Christian ~ a must read.

Get Your Own Authors Page at CBM’s Main Site

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Only Three of Five SpotsLeft

Get your own author’s page at CBM Christian Book Marketing and you will have a link on not only our home page, but also 27 additional pages on the site. CBM Christian Book Marketing can be found on thousands of Christian sites, author book related sites, in various communities, in online directories, plus on all the major search engines. We hold excellent page positioning on major search engines under various title and word searches. This will provide you with great SEO provided that you have your own author’s website or author’s blog.

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What are the requirements?

1. You must be a published, soon to be published, POD or self published author. (we except new book releases in advance)

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We only occasionally offer the above and this offer is limited to the first 5 to sign up. This way there are only so many authors and books being promoted on the site, which makes it better for each author.

Healing In America

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Standing firm in the Word, Rusty Kuhn sheds light on the real issues that face this land today. Are you ready? Revival is coming. Read this book and find out how you can be a part of the solution. A truly amazing read

Reclaiming the Land: God’s Formula for Revival By Pastor Rusty Kuhn presents not only the desire for revival, but bold and biblical solutions leading to God’s idea of revival, not ours. Invigorating, this book presents II Chronicles 7:14 as a basis for revival – If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Gain understanding through this truthful and biblical application of the Word revealing that it’s only up to us first to turn and repent . . . God can do the rest. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

As noted by the author, It doesn’t take the most spiritually discerning person among us to see that we stand in desperate need of revival within our land. We see churches in drastic decline which leads to moral decay and opens wide the door for the devourer to enter in and destroy our families and community. The purpose of the book is two-fold: (1) . . . to see the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ rise to its full potential and calling by seeking the face of God and (2) seeing this land reclaimed in the name and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Standing firm in the Word, Rusty Kuhn sheds light on the real issues that face this land today. Are you ready? Revival is coming. Read this book and find out how you can be a part of the solution. A truly amazing read.

Available at Amazon, in Kindle and other fine online bookstores. Be sure to visit the author at his Facebook page.

Community, Social Media Christian Book Blast – New from CBM

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Brand New Just for the Christian Author,

We have added a great new service to our Book Marketing Packages.

Community, Social Media Book Blast:

Over the last 5 years, we have been adding various networks, communities, social communities and book related sites to our arsenal of book marketing reach. As with most networking and memberships it takes time to build a following and make a dent in that huge online ocean out there. Well, we are happy to finally be able to release the following package.

~ We will write a professional article around your book description and place the article on various high traffic book related community sites with millions of viewers.
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This is not one of those overnight marketing offers that we are seeing so many people start up and offer to authors. It has taken over 5 years for the above to mature, have credibility, create a following and now we are ready to release it.

Regular Price $99.00
Introductory offer special is $49.95

A Wonderful Love Story

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Searching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed book 1 by novelist and award winning author, Nona Mae King, brings faith, hope, suspense and romance to the heroing tale of Sara Little. Set in 1892, Sara’s heritage begins with the poor working class of London. With little hope for a better life, Sara finds favor with handsome widower Christopher Lake. Recently widowed, Lake mourns his beloved wife; he swears allegiance to his wife and her last request – provide for Sara and elevate her place into society’s elite. Upon such an undertaking, Christopher discovers that Sara has an amazing artistic talent, worthy of the finest patronage. Coaxing her out of her own familiarity, her new benefactor, has arranged for Sara’s masterpieces to be displayed among the wealthy aristocratic society. Not accustomed to this, Sara’s shyness leads to Sara insisting on remaining anonymous amongst these socialite events. Christopher quickly comes to realize that perhaps he has taken on more than he had anticipated. And Sara, battles not only her place in society, but a love that has begun to bud for her benefactor, yet is she worthy of him?

This new love, set in the romantic gestures of the past, may or may not survive…is Sara worthy? Will society let their pure love flourish?

Take a journey into the past, to a discovery that all endings have new beginnings. A fast-paced novel by Nona Mae King unveiling true love and offering faith in the impossible, giving hope for a bright future, even for the most common of subjects –Searching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed – a time of innocence, leading to a blessed life.

You may get your copy ofSearching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed at Amazon, in Kindle Edition, at Nook Book and at other fine online bookstores. You may visit Author Nona King at her website, Angel Breath Books where you will find further information about the author and her books.

Christian authors use CBM Christian Book Blasts to share great reads with the world.